Comunicar la creatividad

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comunicar la creatividad


Alejandra Mateos

Illustrations by Alejandro Magallanes

two colors
152 pages
19 x 13.5 cm
140.00 MX | 7.5 USD | 7.00 €
9 978-607-97508-5-5

Digital media are exciting; the perfect place for experimenting, publicizing, and interacting. The resources they offer are almost infinite and they change at a dizzying speed, making them powerful and diverse. However, their spaces have become complex and they operate according to rules that increasingly distance them from simple intuition.

This book explores contemporary communication needs of artists and those who are just starting out in promoting cultural projects. It focuses on how to gain recognition and presence, as well as the different strategies to make yourself visible in the right places. It offers tools for creating an online personality as well as how to forge effective alliances and nodes for standing out in key platforms.

It is a functional guide for any moment in the reader’s career: valuable for beginners, but also useful for established artists. It can be used both to think about work that has been done and to develop a structured plan of action.

In short, this volume is a methodology that allows you to design effective communication through reflection and a series of questions.

Comunicar creatividad

Alejandra Mateos is a communicologist. Her academic work revolves around the digital humanities. She is currently focused on the study and analysis of datafication, human-machine symbiosis, post-humanism, and virtuality.

As a teacher, she has created educational programs covering technology and art in places like Local de Arte (Art Venue), Arca, the Escuela Superior de Desarrollo e Innovación Empresarial (Higher School of Business Development and Innovation), the Escuela de Diseño del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Fine Arts Institute School of Design), the Instituto de Mercadotecnia y Publicidad (Marketing and Advertising Institute), the Fundación Javier Marín (Javier Marín Foundation), the Mexican chapter of Lesbians Who Tech, and the Universidad Mesoamericana (Mesoamerican University).

She has received various awards and honors for her design work: the only 2015 Appuesta Digital award given by the Centro de Cultura Digital (Center for Digital Culture). She was among those selected for the Laboratorio Interdisciplinar de Experimentación e Innovación de Videojuegos y Arte Interactivo del Centro Multimedia 2015 (Interdisciplinary Videogame and Interactive Art Experimentation and Innovation Laboratory of the Multimedia Center, 2015).

She is a member of the sixth graduating class from the Founders Institute Mexico; a participant in the 2016 Espacio Abierto de Trabajo (Open Work Space) program at muca Roma (Roma Neighborhood University Museum of Science and the Arts) (2016); and a member of the seminar “El museo de arte y su función educativa, trayectorias y retos” (The Art Museum and Its Educational Function), hosted by the Centro de la Imagen (Center of the Image) (2016) and of the sixth graduating class of the Master’s Program in Design, Information and Communication at the Cuajimalpa campus of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Autonomous Metropolitan University) (2017).

Alejandro Magallanes When he illustrated this book, he was 46 years old, was 1.83 meters tall, weighed 83 to 85 kilograms, had written three books of poetry, a novel, artist books, and ten children’s books. He has had several exhibitions both for his art and his design. He teaches classes at the university. He is still alive, at least in October 2018.